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AllDayRTK - Enabling Geo-Precision

AllDayRTK operates the highest-density network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) in Australia. Our network is purpose built to meet the position quality required by the most demanding industries and projects. AllDayRTK provides the most comprehensive network RTK solution available
How does AllDayRTK provide better reliability?

AllDayRTK uses state-of-the-art processing platforms across multiple servers and data centres to provide efficient, low-latency processing and highly available robust infrastructure. Backed by professional support services, AllDayRTK helps you get the job done now as well as support future applications.

Why are accurate GNSS Heights difficult to achieve?

The ionosphere is the source of the largest errors in Differential GNSS. As a rule of thumb, GNSS errors are often expressed in parts per million (ppm) where 1ppm equates to 1mm per km. By adding CORS in high-activity growth areas, AllDayRTK customers benefit from shorter baselines that reduce distance-dependent GNSS error sources. In this way, AllDayRTK can claim improvements in GNSS height performance.

AllDayRTK Pricing Strategy

AllDayRTK has built a reputation on better reliability, performance quality amongst CORS service providers in Australia. To maintain our leadership position as the most valued CORS service, AllDayRTK subscription prices have not been increased since 2014! Our tailored AllDayRTK products are designed for maximum flexibility and best value to meet a variety of our customers’ needs.

"We don’t seek quotes from all service providers to find the best price anymore because GNSS corrections are not just a vanilla product – we go straight to AllDayRTK because we know we get quality and service that suits our specific needs"

AllDayRTK Products


Enabling Geo-Precision

AllDayRTK Plus

AllDayRTK PLUS is a premium national product that includes access to multi-GNSS signals, from all available CORS. AllDayRTK supports applications from autonomous public transport to Internet of Things (IoT) and remotely piloted aircraft (RPAS), with RINEX data for post-mission and web-based support tools. 

Prices have not been increased since 2014, representing the best value for a national corrections  service. Customers also receive a discount after purchasing their first 12-month subscription.

Full multi-GNSS support (all available signals and constellations)

Premium national product with access to all available CORS and services

Access to unlimited RINEX v2 and v3 data from all CORS

Access to Live map and admin modules to track operational and subscription status

Support for GDA94 and GDA2020 Datums

AllDayRTK Site

AllDayRTK SITE helps our customers working at specific site locations with the flexibility to choose a site package suitable for combinations of multiple machines and rover kits over defined time periods.

AllDayRTK Site ensures all GNSS machine control systems and survey rovers have access to the network
for accurate positioning over the duration of the project.

"AllDayRTK Site provides our team with the reliability and flexibility to bring any piece of equipment to a specific site for any amount of time."

AllDayRTK Focus

AllDayRTK Focus is a managed service specifically designed for major projects, delivering site-wide network GNSS positioning with maximum reliability and accuracy. By supplementing existing AllDayRTK network infrastructure with dedicated site bases, AllDayRTK Focus offers a tailored network positioning solution with managed signal access for specific project teams.

Hosted on a secure, Australian server and backed by Aptella’ national team of positioning experts, AllDayRTK Focus delivers ultimate network stability, rapid deployment and project support. AllDayRTK Focus helps to manage machines, supervisors and sub-contractors working at project sites from one simple package.

Support for local, GDA94 and GDA2020 Datums

Access to all Multi-GNSS Signals (GPS + GLONASS + QZSS + BeiDou + Galileo)

Project wide RINEX data

Web support tools, Live status for sites, machines and rovers

Sub administration module for detailed management of log-ins and sub-contractors

Customised reporting tools

Geo-fence features for automatic access to sites

Flexible subscriptions options for a specific job site

AllDayRTK Rinex

Get access to Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX) data from the highest-density CORS network in Australia and improve the accuracy of your GNSS post-processing datasets.

RINEX data is used in a wide spectrum of applications. From geodetic control networks to mobile scanning and remotely-piloted aircraft (RPAS), we offer a user-friendly map interface to select time period, format, epoch, stations, on-request areas and more.

AllDayRTK Australia and New Zealand CORS network RTK service




AllDayRTK delivers high-accuracy corrections for survey GNSS instruments. By eliminating the need to setup and maintain a personal base station, AllDayRTK offers cadastral, topographic, mining and engineering surveyors access to a robust, reliable positioning infrastructure service for all survey tasks.

With flexible subscription-based pricing options, surveyors can choose a Network RTK plan to suit an individual project or business requirements. 


Get accurate, repeatable positioning for your machine control enabled earthmoving equipment with AllDayRTK. Quickly enabled on all makes and models of machinery for reliable GNSS positioning without the need to setup base stations on site.

Talk to our team about AllDayRTK-Focus, a unique service that enables you to cover all machine control and survey instruments with a tailored site network for your project. By supplementing existing network infrastructure with dedicated site bases, AllDayRTK-Focus offers ultimate network stability, rapid deployment and local support from Aptella.

Precision Farming

For precision farming applications, AllDayRTK gives you the option to choose a subscription plan and scale up or down to suit the stage of your farming cycle and the number of machines you have working. AllDayRTK works with all makes and models of precision farming systems to deliver repeatable and consistent positioning information wherever you’re working.

With extensive coverage throughout Australia and New Zealand, talk to our team to see if your site is covered by our Network RTK service.


Use AllDayRTK to provide GNSS corrections to your mining equipment, survey rovers and high precision machine guidance systems. Combine local UHF or WiFi Mesh communication infrastructure with LTE to cover large areas. AllDayRTK provides a flexible and value for money option for your GNSS correction services.