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Topcon 3D-Office

Your management tool for 3D job files – Topcon 3D Office enables contractors and surveyors to create, edit and import/export your design files.

From 3D Office you can quickly export designs for use in Topcon 3D-MC control boxes or Pocket 3D for use in the field. Import files back into the program from the field to keep track of job progress.

  • Easily import and export 3D-MC and Pocket 3D files and road alignments
  • Reduce rework and save time by keeping track of cut/fill and volume calculations
  • Connect with SiteLink 3D to give remote design updates to your Topcon machines and survey instruments
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Manage your 3D construction design

3D-Office allows you to create, edit, import/export, design and prepare files for any jobsite.

Export your files for use on machine control boxes and Pocket 3D controller for immediate use on the site

With 3D Office you can create, edit, import/export, design, and prepare 3D job files for any construction project. Many of these files can be exported to the Topcon 3D-MC control box and Pocket 3D for use on site. Then work with file updates from the field, so you can keep track of progress relative to design.

  • Import/Export 3D-MC files
  • Import/Export road alignments
  • Projection, datum, and geoid Support
  • Merge TIN surfaces
  • Cut/ Fill color mapping and volume calculation
  • Sitelink3D remote connect/file transfer/messaging