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Carlson Command

Command & Control from Anywhere

Carlson Command is an office software platform designed for data collection, analysis and reporting. Accessible from anywhere that has an internet connection, Carlson Command is a monitoring and data management software solution that transmits data from machines to the office and from the office to machines.
• Productivity analysis
• Data management of single or multiple sites
• Direct machine-to-machine communication and data
sharing with live and historical 3D machine playback
• In-cab monitoring and training from the office
• Full design mapping with real-time cut, fill and
elevation information
• Create and customise tasks, delays and down codes

Top New Features

  • Modern, powerful protocols for machine connectionand data transfer to enable lightweight user install
  • Send projects, installs, files and configurations to asingle machine or your whole fleet with confidence
  • Advanced data input and real-time transfer meansaccurate, up-to-date records
  • Required task feature ensures operators are logging their time accurately
  • Manage, view, and create custom reports of
    multiple As-Built surfaces within the site linework
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Manage your machines. Manage your site.

User-Friendly Web Interface
• Quick, Easy Report Customisation
• Cloud Data Management
• Management of Multiple Sites
• Scheduled Reporting with Automatic Emails
• Comfortable, Clear Interface

Dynamic Productivity Tools
• On-the-move data exchange
(machine to machine)
• Surface updating
• In-cab monitoring
• Tasks & delays/down-codes
• On-site proximity warnings & avoidance zones

Powerful Management & Reporting
• Individual Machine Volume Metrics
• Dozer Push Metrics
• Time Reporting
• Drill Reporting
• Productivity Analysis
• Surface Colour Mapping
• Cut/Fill Colour Mapping
• Rover Position Trace
• Historical Replay

Regardless of how big or small the site is, managers can see and monitor multiple machines in multiple views, including plan view, from any location that has an internet connection.

Productivity analysis
On-site proximity warnings
User friendly web-interface

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