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Topcon DT-300 | DT-305 | DT-307 | DT-309 Digital Theodolites

With the DT-300 you’ll be up and working fast, thanks to its simple interface and large, easy-to-see backlit LCD. There’s an optical plummet that makes set up over a control point easy, and a tilt sensor that provides ±3 minute angle correction. The DT-300 Series features two magnification choices of 26x and 30x, a super-short 3 ft. minimum focus distance for those tight areas, and angle accuracies of 5, 7, and 9 arc seconds.

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All the Theodolite You’ll Ever Need

Laser pointer

Add a whole new dimension of accuracy and confidence to your alignment jobs with our unique DT-300L Series featuring a red Class II laser beam. Use it anywhere on your site and see clearly in direct sunlight up to 165 ft. Now you can easily and accurately place anchor bolts at regular intervals on a line, set an angle and use the beam to verify your tape measure is properly aligned for the next stake, or “sight in” footers, frames, and tilt-up walls.

The ultimate in continuous operation

The DT-300/DT-300L Series provides up to 30 workdays of operation in Angle Measurement mode on 4 AA or optional Li-ion batteries, better than any other model. When it is time to change batteries, it’s as easy as snapping out the old ones and snapping in the new.

  • Removable handle
  • Dual quick-sights: top and bottom of telescope
  • 360° rotating telescope
  • Laser pointer (L Models)
  • Sealed battery compartment
  • Horizontal plate level
  • Plummet scope
  • Dual-side large, high-contrast, backlit LCD (305, 307)
  • 9 Built-in tribrach with bubble via




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