Topcon TP-L6 Series – Pipe Laser

Remote Management for Precision Measurement

Compact, high accuracy Topcon pipe lasers available in red or green beam.

New model features shorter length to fit into tighter pits, plus better than ever battery performance.

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NEW more compact, advanced Topcon pipe lasers for sale

Topcon’s latest TP-L6 series of pipe laser levels set a new standard for accurate, reliable measurements in plumbing and drainage applications.

With a new compact design the Topcon TP-L6 can be used in even the tightest of pits. Available in economical red beam or high visibility green beam, the new Topcon pipe lasers come with better than ever battery life to keep you working.

Recommended for: Plumbing and drainage applications

Benefits of Topcon TP-L6 pipe lasers

  • Compact design adds flexibility to work in restricted spaces
  • Enhanced battery life – works for up to 60 hours off a single charge!
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • -15% to +40% grade range means its up to any job
  • Self levelling to give you confidence you are working accurately
  • App control and display via your Android phone


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