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Topcon X-53-3D Excavator Machine Control

Advanced 3D excavator machine control that you can swap to your digger, grader or other machine. Only Topcon gives you the flexibility to move systems or swap components to suit the job’s requirements and challenges.

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Advanced 3D excavator system

This indicate 3D GPS+ system speeds up excavation tasks and gives the operator complete control. Unlike laser-based systems, Topcon’s X-53 allows the operator to see the machine’s exact position in relation to the site for more precise positioning.

Plus the operator can see, in real time, the position of the teeth on the bucket compared with the the finish design. This is a great feature for deep cuts, blind excavations and when working around structures.

Topcon’s X-53 solution can be swapped from an excavator to a grader, dozer or other machine to give you maximum flexibility.


  • Same easy-to-use software as other Topcon 3D systems
  • New GX-55 control box with integrated lightbars and audible alarms
  • Multiple view options and real time display of bucket, stick, boom and machine movements
  • Easy-to-see colour cut/fill indicator
  • Elevation reference lets you control grade on the left, right, or middle of the bucket
  • Small, sealed sensor with no moving parts
  • Change buckets on the go with storage for six sizes
  • GPS & GLONASS for consistent positioning
  • Works on any make and model of machine!

ADD IT – Topcon components are multi-solution compatible
– flexibility to adapt a solution to suit the job
– interchangeable between machines




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