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Upgrade your warehouses’ safety standards with proximity systems


Proximity systems: a safer option

Any worksite which requires the use of heavy machinery to function will have safety concerns, and warehouses are no different. The combination of large heavy loads, heavy machinery, and pedestrian workers can sometimes prove to be a dangerous mix. While warehouses generally have strict safety guidelines, they are reliant on 100% worker compliance, and consequently can be subject to human error.

Aptella are offering a viable solution to warehousing incidents in the form of proximity systems. Our safety systems work in a warehousing context by attaching sensors to both forklifts and the helmets of pedestrian workers. These sensors operate on the same RF frequency and essentially create a ‘bubble’ around themselves. If any machine bubble comes within a specified radius of another machine bubble or any helmet bubble, all parties are alerted. Pedestrian workers receive a vibration on their helmet sensor, while forklift operators are alerted via visual and audio warnings.

Safety functions of proximity systems

By implementing a forklift proximity warning system, the potential for incidents in warehouses is greatly reduced. The comprehensive safety features of proximity sensors offer site supervisors a variety of options to track and prevent incidents.

Each bubble can be adjusted in its radius so that optimum safe distances can be maintained. For example, a worker may only require a three-metre bubble, while a forklift may need ten metres to ensure safety standards.

Forklift proximity sensor systems typically remain attached to a machine once installed but can be removed if necessary. Helmet affixed sensors are removed daily, in order to ensure they are tested at the commencement of each workday. A test pad, typically located in a site’s office, allows every sensor-equipped worker to make sure their proximity sensor is fully functional at the beginning of every workday.

The forklift collision avoidance systems have similar testing capacities. The sensor system will perform a start-up check upon each machine bootup. The proximity systems sensors offered by Aptella have batteries rated for 3 years.

warehouse proximity systems

Proximity systems for warehousing

To maximise space, warehouses typically store large amounts of stock vertically, necessitating the constant use of forklifts to manage stock. While many warehouses attempt to minimise pedestrian workers operating near forklifts, many of these procedures rely on absolute compliance and zero human errors in order to maintain safety. Proximity sensors take both factors out of the equation by providing a warning system that is effective 100% of the time.

Many warehouses rely on pedestrian zones and floor markings to ensure a free flow of foot traffic and forklift traffic. Proximity systems improve the effectiveness of these systems, by allowing warehouse supervisors to establish safety zones that will alert forklift operators upon entry.

The Forklift Warning Systems offered by Aptella also collect comprehensive data related to incidents and near misses. The system tracks all this information and presents it as a detailed report which can be accessed by site supervisors. Imagine being able to access an accurate list of all incidents at the touch of a button. With proximity systems, all of this information is available instantly. 

Aptella customer support

At Aptella, we provide a comprehensive support package alongside the purchase of one of our proximity systems. We will provide all the necessary sensors for your warehouse, alongside all necessary attachments. Let us handle the installation and set-up of your new proximity systems so that you can focus on getting your job done. We also provide maintenance and support on an ongoing basis should they be required.