iVolve Fleet Management System

ivolve fleet management system

iVolve Fleet Management System, A window to your mine site operations

Ivolve Fleet Management System gives mine operations managers a window into site operations to manage the site more effectively.

There are 4 key benefit areas with iVolve delivering valuable clarity to mine managers:

  1. Production Management – visibility over and optimisation of material movement
  2. Plant Asset Management – manage key assets across the mine site in a single platform
  3. Maintenance Management – get proactive about plant maintenance
  4. Safety and Risk Management – proximity and situational awareness to give operators greater visibility about other machines and potential hazards on site

iControl® Map Based Visualisation

iControl® is the iVolve map-based visualisation tool displaying your fleet’s real-time data for a complete overview of the state of the fleet and assets. Details such as the location and operational status of vehicles; the quantity of material a vehicle is carrying; and the amount of fuel a vehicle currently has are all examples of the information that can be clearly visualised in real-time on the map and other iControl® views.

Data and image overlay sources include:
• aerial photography
• vector or CAD drawings
• databases and GPS.

In addition to these real-time aspects, iControl® can also be used to analyse and report on historical fleet movements (including position, speed, heading and operational height) and historical events, as well as providing a configuration interface for the system. iControl® also acts as a front-end for editing various data in the database, including operator lists, vehicle lists, materials lists and geofences. Despite much of the functionality being GPS dependent, iControl® is required at site so that operators can select their names that can then be recorded against each assigned plant and shift.



Improve Productivity On Site

iVolve FMS is a full suite solution that optimises mine operations across three key pillars of production, management and safety. With high precision guidance for your fleet of mine excavators, dozers and more. Learn more about more iVolve products.

Locate and view detailed data
Manage shift load cycle data
Manage site configurations
Maintenance Management

iVolve’s maintenance solutions provide site personnel with real-time data about the health of the equipment, enabling preventative maintenance to proactively manage potential faults before they occur. Instant fault notifications enable personnel to respond to machine failures instantly, decreasing lost production time and costs.  Maintenance Manager can interface with many OEM systems and can consolidate data into a consistent user experience.

Via on-board vehicle management systems, Maintenance Manager™ delivers health data feeds in real time. This data is displayed graphically via iReport dashboards at fleet and individual asset levels, with full data history available for a wide range of configurable reporting requirements.

In the event of site-specified alerts, Maintenance Manager™ provides on screen alerts within iControl providing true, real-time decision making capability. Maintenance Manager™ will improve your machine availability while decreasing maintenance and lost production costs associated with in-service failures.

Sudden rapid tyre deflations and blowouts are the cause of numerous safety incidents on mine sites every year. Costing more than $50,000 a tyre and with a global shortage, extending tyre life is one area where dramatic and immediate cost savings can be realised.

Tyre Manager™ provides mine site management, safety and maintenance teams with real-time access to tyre temperatures and pressures. Respond to over-temperature and under/over pressure events before the tyre reaches critical status.

Safety & Risk Management

Proximiti is iVolve’s safety management solution which uses a long range, high speed GPS based collision awareness system coupled with a short range low speed radar proximity detection system that provides enhanced situational awareness. Alerts are sent to the vehicle operator during high risk events and the playback mode is useful for incident investigation purposes.

iVolve Fleet management system Safety Manager utilises the following technology:

1. Long-range GPS-based collision awareness system which has evolved directly from the aviation industry, is the primary Proximityy system, and provides long-range collision awareness alerts at high vehicle speeds.

2. The short-range radar-based collision awareness system is the secondary Proximiti system and provides close range proximity detection alerts at low speeds.

3. iVolve’s Nexis™ provides seamless integration and communication for the Proximiti system. Intelligent switching between long-range/high-speed GPS and short-range/low-speed radar is managed by Nexis™ based on a number of parameters including vehicle speed and satellite communications availability. In the event of loss of sufficient satellite bounce for the GPS system, Nexis™ automatically alerts the vehicle operator and switches Proximiti alerting to the radar system until satellite visibility is once again available. This has specific implications for mining in work areas close to open-pit high-walls.

4. The in-cab screen manages integrated alerting for the Proximiti system; the screen is touch-screen LCD with integrated audio alerting, with buzz alert and human speech alert capabilities. The screen default display is “greyed out”, becoming active only when required to alert the operator to a current event. The in-cab screen also features intelligent auto dimming with an on-board ambient light sensor, ensuring that the system will not distract operators or create night-blindness situations. A variety of installation options is available allowing the screen to be installed within the operators peripheral view, but out of the direct line of sight.

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iVolve Fleet Management System enables you to manage your mine operations more effectively to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve safety.

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