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Fleet Management Systems (FMS) provide mine management with relevant production, machine utilisation and health data. But how much of this data do you actually use?

In the mining industry, the main objective of a fleet management system is to optimise mine productivity and efficiency based on real-time data. An FMS aims to increase production and improve a fleet’s operational efficiency while minimising costs. Understanding this data is what drives the change to make small improvements in a mine site. FMS needs to be running from 6 to 12 months to gather enough data to understand where the strengths and flaws are. Based on historical data, then managers can flag what improvements can be made and act upon and drive the change from operators to mid management.

But the real question is: “Which FMS can give me the data I need, not all the data I could possibly get?”

Aptella works side by side with our customers to understand current operations and help streamline the data into easy-to-read metrics. This method maximises beneficial outcomes without requiring a team of data analysts to unpack the data into something meaningful. Let’s take a look at how this can be achieved.

Fleet Management systems from Aptella

Tracking production with Fleet Management Systems

Getting an onboard FMS system that communicates the right data to the right people means supervisors and operators can focus on the metrics that are important to their site, including:

  • Machine location
  • Payload
  • Idle time
  • Fuel costs
  • Tonnes extracted.

This data can be used to create reports on the amount material that is being dug in a certain timeframe: i.e. mine production.

The real-time tracking function of FMS enables managers to make operational adjustments to improve productivity based on live data collected as operators work. This means improvements in the process can be made quickly, allowing more time in optimised mine production.

Where other FMS report on all available data that must then be analysed and broken down to be meaningful, iVolve FMS from Aptella lets you customise reports to focus on the data that is most relevant and useful. By honing in on the most crucial metrics, Aptella works with our customers to unlock production improvements by delivering the right data in a live environment.

With the option to include integrated high precision machine guidance technology on board the machines on site, iVolve Mine 4D presents machine operators with accurate information on where and how much material has been moved in real-time. This automated data collection makes operators more efficient and gives them more control over their work, whilst delivering live productivity data back to the office for management.

How Fleet Management Systems inform machine use

Knowing how machines are utilised in the mine enables mine managers to identify areas for improvement. Thanks to recent advancements in fleet management technology, the iVolve FMS from Aptella leverages machine health monitoring data to forecast when maintenance is required, reducing the risk of breakdowns on-site.

Traditional maintenance schedules base their forecasts of machine maintenance needs simply on the time the machine has spent on-site. This inaccurate forecasting method means the risk of breakdowns and subsequent downtime remains high. However, this method is often deemed preferable to perceived resource-intensive FMS systems, where analysing the data for maintenance needs can take too many people too long to seem worth it.

iVolve Mine 4D enables proactive maintenance scheduling and forecasting, through simple and intuitive reporting that does not require a team of data analysts to decipher.

The vital maintenance scheduling information that FMS like iVolve Mine 4D provides helps project managers on mine sites plan when certain machines will be on-site or in the workshop, and develop solutions to keep production up during downtime. Catching potential machine maintenance issues with fleet management data can also reduce the risk of major repairs or breakdowns, which leads to further time and cost savings.

ivolve Fleet Management System

How Fleet Management Systems can help with time management

With Aptella FMS solutions, mine managers can make more informed decisions to increase mine effectiveness. Knowing when specific machines will be working and how fast they work can improve processes to increase mine production.

Aptella makes FMS worth it for small to medium-sized mines that do not have the resources for a team of data analysts to unpack data.  By configuring the system to report on only the most meaningful productivity metrics, Aptella focusses on a tailored solution that is setup and supported to deliver maximum value and the fastest return on investment.

iVolve Mine 4D can help project managers optimise mine productivity by organising material flow, bringing in new equipment, and assigning tasks according to where machines will be. With a clear plan and the ability to set realistic project timelines, mine sites with Aptella’ streamlined FMS set themselves up for success.

Aptella offers effective Fleet Management Systems across Australia

We provide FMS that give you the data you need on your mine site, not all the data you could possibly get. Find out more about Aptella FMS solutions here, or contact us for an obligation-free quote. Our friendly team will get back to you soon.


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