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iVolve Mine4D

Combine the power of an FMS solution with high precision machine guidance to ensure ultimate efficiency and productivity across your mine site. By giving your operators the ability to mine to the design without waiting on supervisors and surveyors, you can drastically reduce rehandling and associated delays.

Monitor and record all vehicle operational data including utilisation (working, idling, off), activity/delay codes and SMU engine) hours.

With real-time accuracy across your fleet of dozers and excavators, machine guidance provides realtime positioning information to operators on an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand interface inside the machine cab.

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Machine guidance for dozers and excavators

Benefits of the iVolve Mine4D solution:

  • Eliminate delays waiting for in-field surveys or for supervisors to
    check status
  • Give your operators the power to mine to the latest design
  • Dramatically reduce rehandling by ensuring operators get it right
    the first time
  • Rapid response to design changes by uploading the latest file to
    all machines, simultaneously
  • Easy to see interface to operate accurately in all light and
    weather conditions
  • One user friendly control box for operators to use FMS and
    machine guidance tools via a single screen

Benefits of machine guidance:

  • Real-time cut/fill mapping eliminate rehandling and ensure material is moved once, and moved right
  • Reduce machine idle time
  • Increase safety and save time by eliminating the needfor in-field survey
  • Increase efficiency through optimised push strategies
  • Ensure all machines are working accurately to the latest design
  • Respond to design changes faster with instant file transfers to all machines, from the office
  • Reduce the need to suspend work while personnel visit or work near machines

High Precision Dozer

Extend the iVolve FMS vehicle operational data capture with IMS and high precision capability. Monitor and record all vehicle operational data including utilisation (working, idling, off), activity/delay codes and SMU (engine) hours.

High Precision Excavator

Operators can view the position of the bucket teeth compared with the finish design, in real-time. Particularly
important for deep cuts or blind excavations, high precision technology benefits excavation applications

  • Eliminating over/under excavation and associated rehandling
  • Reducing fuel usage and machine wear
  • Saving time and enable operators to accurately excavate even complex designs
  • Minimising intervention from surveyors and supervisors
  • It not only makes your operators more effective, it also reduces the workload for other mine site personnel!

By combining machine guidance with FMS technology, operators can maximise their accuracy from both the digging and loading phases at a glance with key information on the one screen.

Monitor and record all aspects of the haul truck load cycle including tonnage, load pass details, material, load and dump location, activity/delay and loader vehicle state.




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