Topcon 3D-MC Software

The heart and soul of 3D machine control – Topcon 3D-MC sits behind every Topcon 3D technology system.

Intuitive, easy to learn and easy to read, Topcon 3D-MC is loved by operators around the world for its clear design and ability to show complex information in a simple way.

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The backbone to 3D machine control

Topcon 3D-MC software is the powerful platform that works with all types of earthmoving equipment, milling and paving machines. With a single software solution underpinning every Topcon 3D machine control system, it makes for an easy-to-use, easy-to-learn solution that is familiar to operators whether they’re working on an excavator, paving machine or grader.

Once operators are comfortable using 3D-MC, changing the system or the components of the machine control option is easy. Switch from GPS-based technology to LPS or even Millimetre GPS, which uses a combination of GNSS positioning and a high powered laser transmitter for final trim applications. All within a single software interface! No need to learn different software solutions for different systems, Topcon makes it simple with 3D-MC.



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