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Topcon RL-200 Series Grade Laser

Precision grade lasers available in single or dual slope. Advanced functionality, reliability and accuracy, the Topcon RL-200 series of grade lasers are trusted by contractors around the world for earthmoving and grade control applications.

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High accuracy grade lasers

Available with either single grade (1S) or dual grade (2S) capability, the RL-200 Series from Topcon offers reliable, repeatable grade measurement.

With exceptional slope range and a large, easy to use screen and user interface, Topcon’s RL-200 series combines advanced technology with simple, robust design.

The 2S model also comes with a full-function remote, for complete control of the laser from up to 200m away.

Features include:

  • 7 arc second accuracy
  • Wide grade range (up to 25% slope without slope blocks)
  • Extra long battery life (100 hours)
  • Bright, easy to see graphical display
  • Full function remote (2S model only)




Product Specifications


Accuracy Horizontal ±7 arc seconds
Repeatability 7 arc seconds
Working area 1,100 metres
Rotation speed 300/600/900 RPM
Weather protection IP66
Operating time Alkaline: 100 hours
Ni-MH: 90 hours
Grade range 1S: -5% to +25% single
Size (H x W x L) 2S: ±10% X axis, -5% to 25% Y axis


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