Topcon Sitelink 3D

Real time visibility of your construction project, machines and survey assets. Sitelink3D is a tool for construction and project managers to enable proactive and efficient control over job progress relative to design.

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Autonomous real-time job site management solution

Sitelink3D is an onsite communication solution which provides data control, machine tracking and reporting system. The user-friendly allows web based, real-time visualisation and communications, the ability to create or update job site parameters and view machine movements anytime!

By combining Topcon hardware, software and subscribing to includes the following features:

  • Real-time messaging
  • File transfer
  • Machine tracking
  • Remote support and training
  • Real-time cut/fill mapping and acquiring
  • Store real-time survey data on desktop tablet or smartphone

The majority of Topcon 3D-MC equipped machines are Sitelink3D ready with the addition of the SL-100 radio modem and new 3D-MC systems can be ordered as Sitelink3D ready. Surveyors, grade checkers and site managers using Pocket3D or 3D Office software can also be easily added to the Sitelink3D network.

Sitelink3D Enterprise provides a suite of equipment planning and reporting tools for all phases of your projects including calculating the difference between planned and actual volumes, summarising site information and updating the site manager automatically.

Project and machine dashboards can be tailored to each user to show relevant data at a glance. Machine dashboards can display; the task, 3D model, offset, activity (including active charting of pass counts), position and production rate. Project management dashboards can display material, volume, as-built layer, cost code, progress versus plan and forecasts based on actual versus planned. In addition to all of the features listed Sitelink3D can also accommodate traditional monitoring methods. Haul counts and manual topo survey data can be uploaded via Sitelink3D Enterprise, analysed and added to automated reports and status dashboards.


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