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Topcon X-53i LPS

Total Station 3D machine control for excavators. Ideal for use in projects that do not have clear sky visibility or limited GPS signal, Topcon’s LPS solution for excavators gives precision 3D machine control to any make or model of excavator.

  • Long-range prism tracking for large job sites
  • Accurate bucket positioning technology so you always know your position to grade
  • Topcon flexibility lets you switch from GPS-based systems, to LPS, to laser guided systems
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3D Total Station Machine Control for Excavators

Get precision results on any project, in any location, with Topcon’s X-53i LPS solution for excavators. Switch easily from your GPS-based 3D solution to total station positioning and use the same control box and 3D-MC software that all Topcon 3D systems are built on.

Benefits of using LPS for your excavator:

  • Works in all environments, no requirement for GPS satellite fix
  • Ideal for use under dense tree coverage, around buildings, work under bridges or in tunnels
  • Durable and rugged to work in harsh environments and withstand rain, dust and heat
  • Utilises the same user-friendly control box and 3D-MC software that operators love
  • Switch between other Topcon solutions to get the right technology fit for your project
  • Precise bucket positioning keeps up with the most demanding tasks accurately
  • Long range tracking keeps the system locked onto the prisms





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