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Topcon GTL-1000 Total Station and 3d Laser Scanner

A hybrid one person total station and 3D laser scanner, the Topcon GTL-1000 is ideal for surveying, engineering, mining and forensic applications.

Unlike other systems that use the total station EDM for scanning, Topcon’s new hybrid system comprises two separate technologies in a user-friendly solution. There is no compromise on performance, with accurate optical measurements via the total station that can be complemented with fast, efficient 3D scans of the scene.

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Topcon GTL-1000: a total station and 3D laser scanner in one

Combine the advantages of a robotic total station and a 3D laser scanner with the Topcon GTL-1000! This innovative solution complements your traditional survey measurements with fast, efficient 3D laser scans of the scene.

Together but not compromised

Other hybrid total stations use the instrument’s EDM to perform the laser scan, which results in slow performance. Topcon’s GTL-1000 comprises two entirely separate systems in a single solution, giving you fast 3D scans of the environment to enhance your traditional survey measurements.

Topcon GTL-1000 applications

  • BIM and as-built verification – document and verify the build at every stage
  • Feature and detail surveys for roads and infrastructure – get a detailed overview that includes power lines, road lines, street signs, utility assets and more without the need to close down the road or risk safety
  • Tunnels and underground mining – pick up detailed measurements along with all assets and structural features with the 3D laser scanner
  • Forensic surveys – get comprehensive insights of the scene through a combination of total station measurements, a 3D model and 360-degree photography





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