3D Layout Navigator, Topcon LN-100

http://www.geotek-baulaser.de http://www.geosysteme.de/redasites/access_upload/25193.pdf – 3D-Absteckung und 3D-Aufnahme – Einfach, schnell und präzise – Selbsthorizontierend – 1-Personenbedienung – Robust und baustellentauglich – Erweiterte Sicherheit und verbesserter Service durch TSshield Simple, one-touch layout for interior building infrastructure, footings and foundations Topcon’s LN-100 strips away complexity to deliver an easy-to-use tool dedicated to BIM layout. It utilizes Topcon’s time-proven laser and robotic total station technologies to create a totally new tool that’s easy to use, without sacrificing the accuracy and versatility most BIM projects demand. Just press the power button and the LN-100 self-levels. Fire-up its hand-held, touch-screen controller and you are ready to go to work. The LN-100 creates an entire zone of 3D positioning data. Simply take the 360 degree