Topcon GLS-2000 Scanning in Building Facilities

Preliminary inspection is an indispensable component of building renovation or relocation of factory equipment. The GLS-2000 quickly measures and collects precise 3D point clouds without interrupting ongoing operations. High-density 3D point clouds can be widely utilized for generating as-built drawings and simulation of piping or equipment installation. The GLS-2000 can be safely operated even in areas where laser emission power is restricted; simply by choosing the “Low Power” (Class 1M) measurement mode.

Topcon GLS-2000 Scanning in Tunnels

Deformation monitoring of tunnel walls is an important safety procedure to prevent collapse during construction and while in operation. The GLS-2000 captures 3D data of tunnel surfaces quickly and efficiently. Even with the most complex surfaces, such as those along curves or at junction points, profiles can be modeled without difficulty.

FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330

With a range of almost three times greater than previous models, the Focus3D X 330 can scan objects up to 330 meters away and in direct sunlight. With its integrated GPS receiver, the laser scanner is able to correlate individual scans in post-processing making it ideal for surveying based applications. Request a quote: Request an On-Site Product Demonstration:

EdgeWise Building Interior Model

This video explains how EdgeWise software from ClearEdge 3D quickly produces 3D models of interior building surfaces from laser scanner equipment.