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Benefits of hiring from Aptella


Aptella is committed to supporting our industry and our customers to keep working and in this current climate of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to reduce your capital outlay and save money. One way you can do this is to consider hire and rent options, we’ve listed the benefits of hiring from Aptella below.

Aptella offers a full range of construction equipment for hire, from pipe and building site lasers to 3D laser scanning, 2D and 3D machine systems, laser levels, hydraulic machine scales and high precision machine guidance used in mining, landfill, quarrying, dredging and renewable energy sectors.

“Hiring survey or construction equipment is a great way for companies to be able to get the job done without forking out thousands of dollars to purchase or cover the expense of the repairs and maintenance required to keep your equipment working,” said Darrell Budd, Rental Coordinator, Aptella.

“Whether you are just starting out or are a fully developed company we have the right solution for your business.”

Construction equipment for hire | AptellaThere is a range of reasons to consider hiring from Aptella for your next project, please see these benefits below:

  • Greater flexibility to hire technology when you need it

    Short-term through to long-term hires to suit every project need.

  • Reduce your capital expenditure

    Manage your cashflow, each project at a time.

  • Keep your machines up to date with the latest technologies

    Aptella has a policy of updating our hire fleet regularly to ensure you gain from the most modern and best performing equipment available.

  • Rent various makes and models without long-term obligations

    With the latest product range available to rent for short or long term contracts, Aptella ensures you have the flexibility to choose a technology option that suits your business and the job without high capital outlay.

  • Quality guaranteed

    All instruments and systems are tested before you receive them.

  • Back-up service

    Aptella handles all the maintenance for you and can also support you remotely during the hire term.

  • Calibration

    Our service centre incorporate the latest test equipment to ensure all lasers are calibrated correctly. A Calibration Certificate is provided with each instrument.

  • Option to convert your hire to full ownership

    You have the option to convert your hire to full ownership if your needs change, just reach out to the team to discuss arrangements.

“Of course, the decision whether to hire or buy building equipment will depend on the nature of the work that you’re doing, your balance sheet, the level of flexibility that you desire, availability of storage space and so on,” said Mr Budd.

“And you can be assured that when you hire from an established equipment hire company like Aptella, you get qualified, expert advice and recommendations for the optimum solution for your individual business.”

Aptella also has a special offer running until the end of June 2020. If you’d like to find out how you can get the first four weeks of you machine control hire free, check out our Hardwire and Hire promotion.

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