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MiRTK provides consistency of connection on site for Hazell Bros Group


Jason Ward, Site Engineer, Hazell Bros Group, was working on a highway project doing some road-lining and over-taking lines when one of Aptella’ staff members told him about MiRTK internet enabled corrections for GNSS base stations.

Hazell Bros Group is a Civil Construction Company specialising in delivering civil projects of various types on roads, bridges, dams, pipelines, demolition in Tasmania and Queensland,” said Mr Ward.

“We’re currently working on a highway road project and were facing challenges with the UHF network because we had a combination of a site that was quite spread out, so quite a bit of distance from one end to the other and then terrain problems, terrain where we couldn’t get a UHF signal down to the machines.”

MiRTK provides consistency of connection and reliability on site

When comparing MiRTK to using the UHF network, Mr Ward has found MiRTK has worked better for his site because it has integrated seamlessly with the Topcon and Trimble rovers and machine control on site, while also providing a consistent and very reliable connection.

One of the main benefits that MiRTK has provided on site is the consistency of connection to the machines.

“Consistency of connection to the machines is probably the main one. The machines stay connected more reliably than with the UHF signals and with MiRTK there is less likelihood of interference/radio interference,” said Mr Ward.

“Having the MiRTK being our own specific data stream means we can avoid that interference.”

MiRTK by Aptella Australia

MiRTK to be used in conjunction with UHF moving forward

Mr Ward had initially implemented MiRTK internet enabled corrections to be used only on the current project he’s working on, however, moving forward he plans to use MiRTK in conjunction with UHF on other projects.

“We’re currently using MiRTK on this project at the north end of Tasmania and at the moment we’re only using it on this site,” said Mr Ward.

“We’re now likely to use a combination of both MiRTK and UHF on the next project because this project is also spread out over quite a distance, the UHF just can’t quite get there, so being able to use the mobile connection via MiRTK makes it that much easier.”

Service and support vital when implementing new technology on site

When implementing new technology, service and support is always an important consideration for Mr Ward.

“Service and support are absolutely vital to us and the relationship we have with the team at Aptella at this end of Tasmania is excellent,” said Mr Ward.

“They’re always available on the phone, always able to come out to site as required and the technical support and the customer support is excellent.”

“MiRTK has certainly been very good and has certainly worked very well for us on this project due to the size and the geographic challenges we’ve had,” added Mr Ward.