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Aptella moves to clean energy at its Brisbane office


New solar system installed at the company’s Archerfield branch enables self-sufficient energy, with plans to contribute to the local grid network.

Intelligent positioning solutions provider Aptella has announced that the company’s Brisbane office has recently become energy self-sufficient thanks to solar power technology installed on the premises.

The 70kW commercial solar power system comprises more than 200 panels with inverters and optimisers for the panels to ensure continuity if one stops working.

In the first month since going online, the company saved more than 3,000 kg of CO2 production, equivalent to planting 10 trees.

“The environmental benefits are tangible when you look at the amount saved in a single month,” said Harry Katsanevas, Queensland Regional State Manager for the company.

“It also makes economic sense as we expect to get return on our investment within four years and continue to contribute to the grid and produce our own energy indefinitely,” he added.

With the ability to monitor energy usage with the system’s online customer portal, Aptella can see how the business uses power and optimise the setup accordingly.

“One example is our air conditioning system – we could see from the dashboard that it was set to come on too early in the morning, hours before anyone would be in the building,” Mr Katsanevas said.

“Without the ability to monitor our power consumption on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, we would never have known about this waste. The new setup gives us those insights so we can make improvements and use energy more efficiently,” he added.

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