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Why the Topcon LN Layout Navigator is changing the face of construction set out


It’s rare for the construction industry to see a truly revolutionary breakthrough in technology. However, you get just that with the Topcon LN series layout navigator. A game-changing fusion of laser and robotic technologies purpose-built for completing construction and BIM layout. Stripping away the complexities often associated with surveying technology, the Topcon LN series is the only 3D layout tool you need for construction set out. Built for interior building infrastructure, foundations and footings, utilities and general layout as well at construction set out, there’s not much the Topcon LN series layout navigator can’t do.

The Topcon LN series layout navigator has the familiarity of a laser level with the enhanced accuracy of a robotic survey instrument. There’s nothing that slows a construction project down like rework and not having timely access to accurate set out.

Investing in vertical construction solutions from Topcon that enable those working in the building trades to survey and set out the plan themselves, accurately and without error, means you get the job done right – first time, every time. Not only that but if you are surveying buildings and construction you need to use surveying technology designed for buildings and construction, not road construction or infrastructure.

Topcon’s LN series is specifically designed to be used for setting out construction sites, both externally and internally. The 3D survey tool makes Building Information Modeling (BIM) a breeze by combining the industry-leading Topcon laser and robotic total station technologies into one easy to use tool. If you’ve ever used a construction laser level, you will quickly learn how to use this instrument thanks to the support and training supplied by Topcon’s Australian distributor, Aptella.

Topcon LN series layout navigatorNeed to perform construction set outs?

Whether you’re setting out a new block of apartments, laying out utility lines and wet areas, penetrations and more, doing most of the survey work yourself is easy with this Topcon construction survey tool. Topcon’s LN series combines laser and robotic total station technologies for an all-round setout tool that’s ready for even the most complex projects. With the ease of 3D surveying, the layout navigator makes instantly marking out vital construction layouts a breeze.

Not only that but by being able to pull up as-built plans there and then to check the as-builts for building information modelling is easy.

While not compulsory in Australia yet, the use of BIM data and processes ensures construction follows exactly what the planned structure dictates. On major commercial or infrastructure projects, this is even more integral to the end product. By being able to physically map out a BIM with the use of the Topcon LN series layout navigator and mark where everything needs to be there are fewer problems further down the construction process. The use of an integrated layout navigator also ensures that plans are followed exactly on each floor, without fault.

How innovative design and state of the art technology have guided Topcon’s vertical construction solutions

For more than 80 years, Topcon has been a global leader in technology and at the forefront of many technological innovations for the construction and building industries. Topcon’s technology has always aimed to put contractors first, solving real issues and providing cutting-edge technology in every product to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Topcon RL laser levels are trusted by the building trades worldwide to provide accurate, reliable measurements to get to level quickly in even the most challenging environments. Unlike many lasers or measurement tools that are now being introduced by companies that specialise in power tools, only Topcon has the depth of expertise when it comes to precision measurements and positioning instruments.

Backed by a 270+ strong team at Aptella, builders, electricians, concreters, plumbers and other contractors can have peace of mind that they are purchasing a solution that is reliable and rugged, with the support and training of a large Australian-owned company that will help you to navigate this new technology for maximum success and return on investment.

Topcon lasers and surveying technology may be designed by scientists in research labs but they’re tried and tested on the ground to ensure that when you pick up your new Topcon vertical construction solution it genuinely makes your work faster and smarter. Topcon and Aptella is on site with you, discovering exactly what you want and need from your surveying equipment to deliver the best construction survey tools available in Australia.

Construction survey demand is higher than ever, act now to keep in control of your project

It is not news to any builder or contractor that there is a shortage of surveyors in Australia. Topcon 3D set out tools for construction and building are designed to work in conjunction with surveyors not to replace the role of the surveyor, as a surveyor’s skill set is critical for preparing the survey data, installing the survey control and compiling the as-builts.

The Topcon LN series layout navigator is the perfect technology for contractors, builders and other tradies to complete some of the survey work independently. The self-levelling instrument means that you cannot work out of level, so you cannot set out the plan incorrectly. In fact, if you try to set something out that is off the plan, the Topcon LN 3D survey tool will stop and prevent you from continuing with the set out.

By constantly staying locked on the prism the layout navigator removes the need to refocus, not only making the surveying project more efficient but allowing faster turnaround and the ability to survey all your work from the sub base prep to the CBR prep, the slab edge, penetrations, columns, lift shafts and much, much more. With MAGNET on-board software via the easy to use Topcon survey tablet, you’ll quickly become familiar with the workflow as it has been designed with simplicity and precision at its core.

With comprehensive training and support, including Position Partner’s award-winning Tokara remote screen sharing and phone support, adding 3D set out tools to your kit is a must for 2020 and beyond.

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