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Vibration Monitoring Systems – Omnidots

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The all-in-one solution for condition monitoring and reporting vibrations

Vibration monitoring systems for construction and buildings

Vibration monitoring is important in a wide range of applications, from demolition projects to construction of tunnels, rail, building and other infrastructure where nearby residents, buildings, or other solid structures can be impacted.

Bridges, heritage buildings and other structures of significance can also be monitored if they are in active seismic zones or potentially impacted by heavy traffic, rail, or nearby construction.

The Omnidots vibration monitoring equipment comprises the SWARM vibration sensors that can be quickly and easily installed on almost any surface.

SWARM vibration monitor

The SWARM is the most efficient and qualitative SBR/DIN vibration monitor available. The installation of the SWARM is unprecedented, quick and easy. Even without prior knowledge, you can install the SWARM within two minutes.

After the installation of the SWARM Vibration monitor, your next step is to add the measuring points to the Honeycomb web platform.

SWARM vibration monitoring system | vibration monitor

Honeycomb webplatform

Honeycomb is Omnidots’ cloud-based web platform that provides access to your measurement data and SWARM settings. With Honeycomb there is no need to configure the SWARM vibration monitor or retrieve its data at the construction site. You can reach Honeycomb 24/7 from any location, using your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

The installation of a SWARM at the construction site is quick and easy: simply mount the SWARM with only 1 screw to the structure you want to monitor, and power the SWARM.

VIbration Monitoring systems -Honeycomb web platform | Aptella

SWARM Calibration Services

The SWARM is lifetime calibrated and comes with an accredited calibration certificate. The calibration of your SWARM can be checked by Aptella, providing a renewal of your calibration certificates on any interval required by your specific projects. We recommend to have this check performed once every 2 years.

Once the SWARM vibration monitor is calibrated, the new certificated will be automatically uploaded to the Honeycomb platform, ready for you to download.

Vibration monitors | Swarm vibration monitoring equipment

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