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Top 4 insights that will increase dozer push BCM


Volumetrics reporting is a simple yet powerful way to improve the efficiency of your dozer push strategy.

Traditional survey methods or aerial mapping techniques report only on how much material was moved. Volumetrics reporting provides live insight into the productivity of every machine and operator in your dozer fleet.

With an in-depth understanding of machine movement from the field, volumetrics uncovers not only the amount of material moved, but how efficiently it is being moved.

Volumetrics reporting measures several parameters that can be optimised to increase bank cubic metres (BCM), BCM per hour and BCM per push. The top four metrics to get more out of your dozer fleet:

      1) Machine run time: Gain valuable insight into each machine’s up time, run time and idle time to better match your time usage model 

      2) Average push distance: Is your machine being as productive as it can be? Check that each machine is hitting optimal OEM targets

      3) BCM/Push & BCM/Hour: Compare between machines and operators, create healthy competition on site while keeping an eye on causes of excessive wear

      4) Rehandle: Quantify the area of your job forcing your dozers to rehandle material, then make changes to your push design. Minimize how much material is rehandled and achieve an instant gain

Dozer Push Reports | Aptella

The Australian mining sector is progressive in its adoption of technology to increase productivity. As such, solutions must be robust and fit for purpose to ensure they deliver tangible benefits.

Aptella services the Australian mining industry with a range of solutions including volumetrics solutions for mine sites large and small. The company supplies and supports Carlson dozer push solutions, incorporating GPS machine guidance fitted to each dozer along with web-based volumetrics reporting in the office.

“To ensure the Carlson platform was up to the job for Australian sites, we spent two weeks with the company’s R&D team intensively testing and fine-tuning the solution for one of our valued Queensland customers,” said Andrew Granger, Mining Executive Business Manager at Aptella.

Dozer Push Reports | Aptella

Mr Granger said the ability to work collaboratively with the Carlson developers, Aptella technicians and key customer stakeholders, led to improved outcomes for the customer and a solution that was user friendly in design, yet advanced in performance. 

“The result is an easy to use guidance and volumetrics tool that delivers multiple benefits to operators and managers alike,” he added. “Operators can see live cut and fill information in the cab so they can work more productively, whilst operations and production managers can unlock powerful reporting capabilities to quantify how effective the dozer push strategy is working.”

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