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Cameron Waters, Business Manager – Geospatial Systems, Aptella

The construction industry has the lowest productivity and the most amount of rework. So, while the manufacturing, mining and farming industries are all increasing productivity, the construction industry is doing the opposite.

So, let’s talk solutions

Technology and automation are no longer the future of infrastructure: they are the present. It’s not often that a solution comes along that can improve a workflow so dramatically that it improves all critical performance factors: safety, productivity and quality, not by 5-10% but by 500-1,000%.

During the construction of a road there are several line marking tasks that are traditionally done by a surveyor. With the change to a digital construction model the role of the surveyor is changing and a repeatable task, like line marking, is perfectly suited to automation, allowing the surveyor to concentrate on more project critical tasks.

The Tiny Surveyor line marking machine not only automates the task of line marking but will produce a higher quality result with consistent repeatability, all at a rate that’s up to 10 times faster than conventional surveying.

No Facebook updates, lunch breaks or sick days for this workaholic

Don’t believe the hype…it’s very easy to make a claim in today’s fast pace world but we can, and we do. In a recent trial we pitted an experienced surveyor against our little hero, the Tiny Surveyor.

The surveyor got away faster as the Tiny Surveyor line marking machine needs some time to position itself with the alignment but once it got running, it had caught the surveyor within 15m. After the Tiny Surveyor had completed 200m with line marking every 1m, the surveyor had only completed 40m with a dot every 5m.

Don’t believe it? Check out the video showing how the Tiny Surveyor is going to change the world of line marking forever!

Unlike a person, the more work that needs doing the more productive the Tiny Surveyor is

The safety improvements the Tiny Surveyor solution can offer can’t be overstated. By removing the surveyor from the road, you remove all risk to life, simple! The surveyor can load the design files and once validated anyone can be trained to task the Tiny Surveyor line marking machine with line marking activities and action mobile traffic management, if required, rather than road closures.

The quality of the line marking is another huge factor for the contractors laying curbs and lane marking. With a greater frequency of lines there is no need for any interpretation of the alignment or arcs, so the final finish is exactly what was designed.

The team behind the Tiny Surveyor, TinyMobileRobots, specialize in high-precision, reliable robots to support the way our customers work. They are dedicated to creating simple, user-friendly robots of the highest quality.

We turn technology into meaningful solutions

Aptella has been working closely with TinyMobileRobots over the last 12 months to ensure all aspects of the workflows are optimised for its construction market. With all certifications and workflows complete the Tiny Surveyor is now ready to get to work! Contact your local Aptella office today to learn more about optimizing productivity on your project.

Source: Cameron Waters, Business Manager – Geospatial Systems, Aptella

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