Topcon Launches Podcast Series For Construction Industry


Topcon Positioning Group announces the launch of the Topcon Talks Construction podcast series

The programming is designed to bring together a variety of guests offering unique perspectives on a wide range of topics impacting the industry. The first episode is available now for streaming with a new episode released every other week.

The podcast format is ideal for on-the-go listening from the home or office to the job site, or wherever or whenever the listener wants to engage. The episodes are centered on industry discussions, whether it be a specific project or type of application to broader topics such as state-of-the-industry drivers, trends and opportunities. Among the guests in the first season are trade professionals, educators, organizational leaders, and department of transportation representatives.

Topcon podcast

Murray Lodge, senior vice president of Construction for Topcon Positioning Group, said, “What we are seeking to provide, as a trusted leader in technology for the industry, is a forum for insightful conversation on what’s happening in today’s world, and the opportunities for growth and advancements in the future.”  

The construction-focused podcasts are the second phase of the Topcon Talks Podcasts programming, with Topcon Talks Agriculture launched mid-2020, and going into its third season and twentieth episode on January 21. “We have been pleased to see the responses and levels of conversations in the agriculture series and are excited to do something similar for construction professionals,” Lodge said.

Listeners can subscribe to the series through their preferred podcast streaming app. Information and direct links to episodes are available at Topcon Talks Podcasts.

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