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Slew and Height Control

Slew and height limiting technology for excavators and cranes – keep everyone safe on site.

Set safe working zones for cranes and excavators and let the GKD SensorSafe and Topcon machine control do the rest! This innovative solution prevents the machine moving outside of the safe working area, making it ideal for working under powerlines, above pipework, near traffic, under bridges, in tunnels or other restricted spaces.

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SensorSlew Application with Topcon 3D-MC

Aptella has integrated the SensorSlew system with Topcon 3D machine control. SensorSlew allows the machine operator to quickly and easily set left and right slew limits from the operator station, and then restricts the machine to working within the permitted slew sector.

Using a CAN connection, Topcon 3D-MC can be used in conjunction with GKD SensorSlew technology to enable the operator to select linework on the Topcon GX-55 control box for slew avoidance/lock out. The systems seamlessly work together to enable the limiting of excavator slew for safety purposes, relative to the design linework displayed on the control box.

Topcon 3D machine control calculates the angular limits from the bucket to a selected line and sends these angles to SensorSlew. This provides a continuously updated set of limits to allow the excavator to work in the designated working area and not enter an exclusion zone.

Slew and height control for excavators and cranes

The SensorSafe motion control system is a simple, cost effective slew limiting solution designed to guarantee safety and prevent machine damage when operating in confined spaces.

The SensorSafe system is intended for use on excavators and cranes in the construction and utility maintenance industries where machines are restricted to working in confined spaces and there is a requirement to limit the slew movement of the machine.

The SensorSlew system allows the machine operator to set a ’safe zone’ within which the machine will operate. If the machine operator directs the machine to move outside the ‘safe zone’ the hydraulic solenoid valve is released to cut off the relevant slew hydraulic service, preventing the machine from moving outside the ‘safe zone’.





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