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GeoWAN Gateway

  • Suits all GeoWAN nodes
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GeoWAN™ is our new IoT wireless platform that builds upon the strengths of our proven FlatMesh™. It has extremely long range transmission capability of up to 15 km and the ability to transmit through obstructions such as buildings. It is ideal for widely dispersed monitoring points, basements and sub-surface and congested urban environments as well as mines, dams and quarries.


  • Tunnels and pipelines
  • Dams, mines and quarries
  • Covered or obstructed assets and open areas or congested urban environments
  • Buried or subsurface sensing e.g. basements
  • Highly dispersed asset monitoring
  • Busy construction sites

Key Specifications 

  • Full range of wireless geotechnical/ structural sensors
  • 4 km range in urban environments
  • Maximum range of 15 km
  • Waterproof to IP66/68
  • Can accommodate buried equipment
  • Up to 15 years battery life on nodes
  • Powered gateway or public network connectivity


GeoWAN Radio Specifications

Parameter Value
* Consult with Senceive for your application
Communication Type Star Topology
Frequency Band 863MHz – 928MHz ISM Band
Maximum Transmit Power 20dBm (actual transmit power depends on geography)
Range Up to 15km depending on the environment and antenna*
Maximum Reporting Frequency 30 Seconds




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