iMex LX25P Red Beam Line Laser

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  • LX25P
  • Lithium battery
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Magnetic bracket
  • Operating manual
  • Plastic carry case   

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  • NEW quick release magnetic bracket – no screws to hold laser in place
  • NEW 5.2Ah lithium battery pack – swaps to all LX series II models.
  • NEW rugged housing with non-slip rubberised moulding
  • Economical red beam laser levelling’
  • Plumb up, plumb down and 2 horizontal dots
  • 1 horizontal, 1 vertical line
  • Pulse mode for detector
  • Self levelling
Self levelling range 4° ± 1
Out of level indication  laser blinks on/off
Laser lines  1 vertical, 1 horizontal line 
Laser Dots  Plumb up/down, 3 @ 90° horizontal 
Laser accuracy   ±3mm @10m 
Laser class       Class 2
Laser wavelength   635 ± 10 nm 
Laser distance – lines 10m light-dependent 
Laser distance – dots 50m light-dependent 
Laser distance with optional detector – lines 50m 
Laser fan angle -lines  H 180°  V 130° 
Power source  5.2 Ah lithium-ion
Charging  type USB-C 
Run time – all beams and dots   hrs  
Control switch   1 button, pendulum lock 
IP Rating     IP54
Operating temperature   -10° to +50°C 
Storage temperature     -20° to +70° C

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