Mini Prism Pole with 5/8 Threaded Connection

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  • Ideal for precise measurements when space is limited, e.g. underneath growth or roofings.
  • With its working range of 50-80cm the MIDI pole allows for prisms to be positioned closer to the measuring point than with standard-sized prism poles. Therefore, the resulting error caused by slightly non-perpendicular positioning is minimized.
  • Low weight and low size for convenient and space-saving transport.
  • Tip made of aluminium with hard metal element. The hard metal tip is force-fitted into the pole and shows no abrasion even after years of hard use.
  • PD-2, model no. 14002000 for 5/8″-connection.
  • PD-3, model no. 14003000 for Wild- / Leica-connection.

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