Topcon C-53 Intelligent Compaction System

Get your compactors working together in harmony with Topcon’s intelligent compaction system. The Topcon C-53 system does far more than simply count passes – it optimises the compaction process from start to finish and gives operators and project managers greater visibility over compaction results in real time.

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Intelligent compaction system

Topcon’s advanced C-53 intelligent compaction systems go beyond simple pass count registry. Through secure connectivity to Topcon’s Sitelink3D service, each compactor performs faster and is connected to the project design.

  • Operators are given reliable information to the cab in real time, with integrated temperature sensors that remain accurate at all times
  • Accurate pass counts, geographic locations of each run, as well as georeferenced task assignments and completion thanks to ingtegrated GNSS technology
  • State of the art accelerometer that performs in all conditions to deliver confident surface stiffness values that ensure you are achieving regulatory intelligent compaction standards
  • Achieve regulatory compaction standards consistently with even surface stiffness across the site – Topcon accelerometre ensures the system works in harmony with variable conditions on site
  • Connect all machines via SiteLink 3D for advanced reporting and project management functionality


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