Topcon HiPer SR GNSS Receiver

This compact, rugged GNSS receiver has all the features and functions you’d expect from a high performance survey instrument whilst offering exceptional value for money.

  • Maintains accuracy through universal satellite tracking technology
  • Ideal as a compact base and rover or Network RTK system with AllDayRTK
  • Rugged form factor to withstand harsh environments
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Ultra-compact, multi-constellation receiver

Topcon’s HiPer SR receiver is a lightweight and completely integrated GNSS receiver for static and cable-free stop-and-go kinematic applications.

Patented Topcon technology
The integrated receiver design includes a GNSS receiver board with patented Vanguard™ technology and industry-leading Fence Antenna™ for precision measurements and advanced multipath rejection.

Tracks all signals, current and future
In addition, the HiPer SR comes with Topcon’s Universal Tracking Channel feature. Unlike other GNSS receiver designs where satellite systems or signals must be dedicated to specific channels, the HiPer SR.

Ultra-rugged design
The HiPer SR may only weigh 800gm and be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it is built tough! Designed to withstand a 2m drop to concrete on the pole, its magnesium alloy housing and IP67 environmental rating means you can rely on its performance even in the harshest conditions.

Flexible for multi-application use
This 100% integrated receiver operates cable-free, with no antennas, battery doors or connectors to worry about. Use in a pair as a cost effective base and rover RTK solution or with Topcon’s LongLink communication system for small site-wide jobs.

You can use the HiPer SR on its own for static GNSS or add network functionality and cellular-enabled controller to create the perfect Network RTK rover.





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