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Tersus Luka GNSS Receiver

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Rugged, cost effective GNSS

Ideal for Engineering Surveyors using either 12D Field or Carlson SurvPC, as well as Locators, GIS professionals, engineers and more, the Tersus Luka tracks multiple satellite constellations with a lightweight, rugged design that fits effortlessly into your field workflow. 

$11,750.00 inc GST

Key Benefits

  • Aptella backed with 3 year warranty
  • Customised feature development for Australia
  • Local servicing
  • 19 hours battery life
  • Tilt through NMEA string
  • Reliable < 1% failure rate
  • Supported by 12DField
  • All constellations
  • UHF & network
  • Easy WEBUI config
  • Onboard rinex conversion
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Compact and exquisite design

Lighter, smaller and smarter

LUKA tracks multiple constellations and frequencies, including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS, and SBAS. It supports 1568 channels for enhanced performance.
Equipped with Tersus GNSS technology, LUKA provides centimetre-level positioning accuracy, improving the continuity and reliability of RTK solutions, and fix in seconds even in challenging conditions

LUKA is a pocket-sized and lightweight receiver. The dimension is 132x68mm, and you can take it anywhere. The weight of Luka is just 835 grams, and it has a battery, UHF, and 4G modem, allowing you to work effortlessly. With this lightweight design, you can increase productivity and achieve your goals.
Equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, LUKA lets you connect and start surveying quickly; the process is incredibly user-friendly and convenient.

Engineered for field work

LUKA is IP68 rated, which means it is dust and water proof. You can use it without worrying about any damage caused by dust or water. LUKA also has an industrial-grade design and is extremely durable.

Powerful and smart battery

LUKA has a built-in high-capacity lithium battery that guarantees 19 hours of field work, eliminating any range anxiety. Smart battery power display helps you keep track of your device’s battery life. By monitoring the LED indicator, you can adjust your work and plan your tasks efficiently to ensure you don’t run out of power during important work.
The Type-C port on the receiver and 15W charging speed ensure your device is fully charged quickly. Plus, you can use a power bank to charge LUKA while you’re using it.


  • 3 year warranty period backed by local Aptella servicing performance.
  • High-accuracy tilt compensation without calibration, up to 2cm within 60°, immune to magnetic disturbances.
  • Smart battery with extended working hours and power level display.
  • Intuitive WebUI for managing receiver status and operation.
  • Pre-configured AllDayRTK settings for ease of setup.

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