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Topcon TP-L6 Premium Series – Pipe Laser

$7,850.00$10,332.00 inc GST

Remote Management for Precision Measurement

Compact, high accuracy Topcon pipe lasers available in red or green beam.

New model features shorter length to fit into tighter pits, plus better than ever battery performance.



NEW more compact, advanced Topcon pipe lasers for sale

Topcon’s latest TP-L6 series of pipe laser levels set a new standard for accurate, reliable measurements in plumbing and drainage applications.

With a new compact design the Topcon TP-L6 can be used in even the tightest of pits. Available in economical red beam or high visibility green beam, the new Topcon pipe lasers come with better than ever battery life to keep you working.

Recommended for: Plumbing and drainage applications

Benefits of Topcon TP-L6 pipe lasers

  • Compact design adds flexibility to work in restricted spaces
  • Enhanced battery life – works for up to 60 hours off a single charge!
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • -15% to +40% grade range means its up to any job
  • Self levelling to give you confidence you are working accurately
  • App control and display via your Android phone

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Laser Option

Laser Plummet, SmartLine Auto Alignment

Beam Option

Red, Green

The Upper / Lower “Laser Plummet”

Feature –

The Upper / Lower “Laser Plummet” (refers to Zenith and Nadir in the industry) or in layman’s terms simply up and down plumb beam.

This feature is used for alignment of the instrument on the pit floor where the “control Point” has been positioned as the starting point. Pipelaying for Sewer and / or  Stormwater, accuracy is critical. Any inaccurate setups over the control point cause costly and time consuming “errors”.

Benefit –

  • Benefit – 1. Makes Initial Set Up Faster / Easier and Substantially More Accurate,
    • Plumb Down beam over the pit floor control point for set up and the upper beam for the transit or theodolite for the direction & alignment of pipe.   Eliminates swinging a Plumb Bob.
  • Benefit – 2. Reduces the likelihood of a Grade Error,
    • Second day set ups -is where this feature reaps the maximum benefit to eliminate the incorrect positioning of the laser i.e offset affects grade / length, which could / would result in costs for rework / materials / labour etc,
  • Benefit – 3. Reduces the likelihood of Alignment Errors,
    • Set Up errors for alignment to the forward manhole is a huge problem caused by improper positioning of the laser under a transit or theodolite, without an upper plumb beam to the transit / theodolite – contractors use a plumb bob which is normally the main cause of alignment issues. This feature eliminates this issue which could / would result in costs for rework / materials / labour etc,

SmartLine Auto Alignment

“SmartLine Auto Alignment”

Feature –

The SmartLine Auto Alignment feature automatically aligns the beam to the “target” creating a perfect alignment of line of sight beam between the laser and target, regardless of the contractors setup method. In Pit, trench or Over the Top etc

Benefit –

The SmartLine Auto Alignment feature dramatically reduces the setup time for second-day setups, regardless of the setup method.

The Automatic feature auto aligns the beam to the target within 1 minute, without the feature, the contractors have to use the remote control and roughly aim the Pipelaser towards the target, hoping its close, then sweeping the beam left and right until they hopefully catch the target. This method is time-consuming and inefficient with setups .

The initial set up procedure without the auto-align feature is essentially a guess each day to start with to manually align by looking down through the pipe or taking time to try and catch the beam.




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