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Topcon X-53i Excavator

Excavator indicate guidance to grade in a user-friendly Topcon interface. Topcon fits to all makes and models, and the X-53i delivers advanced visibility of the operator’s machine not only in reference to his own grade, but to the design as a whole.

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Cost effective 3D GPS system for excavators

Increase productivity, accuracy and profits with Topcon’s easy-to-use GNSS based 3D Excavator indicate system.

The X-53i system takes previous laser based grade indicate to a whole new level. Here you can go beyond simply “seeing” existing grade, desired grade and bucket position. X-53i allows the operator to view the machine in relation to your site and/or entire project and allows fast and accurate positioning of the machine directly over utility centerlines.

X-53i combines Topcon’s advanced GNSS global positioning technology, machine sensors and advanced GX-55 colour touch screen to eliminate over excavation and control material usage, saving time and money.  X-53i gives you the ability to grade faster, and keeps you there, even in deep, blind cut situations, or when digging under water.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cut grade fast and accurately the first time
  • Cut to flat, vertical and 3D surfaces
  • Bright, easy-to-use GX-55 with integrated lightbars
  • Fully upgradeable to Topcon’s automatic excavator systems
  • Improves job safety
  • Brings efficiency and productivity to any job




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