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New Topcon DS-200 combines compatibility and accuracy


Topcon Positioning Systems has introduced the DS-200 with superior tracking technology to the Australian market. The DS-200 system sets a new standard for entry-level robotic total stations, providing accuracy, durability, reliability and compatibility with Topcon GNSS hardware.

Aptella Survey Products Manager Cameron Waters describes the DS-200 as a “feature-rich product, boasting high-end capability without the high-end price tag”. The Topcon DS-200 is the ideal tool across a range of surveying disciplines, including cadastral, engineering and construction work. It also uses the same batteries as the Topcon HiPer GPS series, making them a perfect partner.

The DS-200can be used safely in environments of high dust and water, allowing for greater productivity in the field. It comes with the world’s first remote security and notification system, TS Shield, so users always know the instrument’s location and if it’s up to date with the latest firmware.

The new Topcon DS-200is fully compatible with MAGNET Field’s Hybrid System, which gives the user flexibility to switch between high precision measurements from the DS-200 robotic total station and GNSS positioning with a Topcon GPS unit. Users can now complete surveys faster no matter what the obstacle!

As a Hybrid Positioning capable total station, the DS-200 offers the use of both GNSS positioning and optical positioning technology designed to increase field efficiency.

“The unique thing about Topcon’s Hybrid solution is that the GPS and total station are always connected to the software, allowing instantaneous switching between devices,” said Waters. “The software will also automatically co-ordinate your GPS with your total station observations; the productivity gains are very impressive.”

For more information about the DS-200, contact Topcon’s Australian distributor Aptella on 1300 867 266 or visit


By Gina Velde

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