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Topcon announces 3D machine control compatibility options for Caterpillar excavators


Topcon Positioning Group announces a new option for Caterpillar Next Gen excavator users to leverage Topcon 3D machine control functionality together with Cat Assist features. As a result of new compatibility of the Topcon 3D Excavator System with Caterpillar factory-installed NGH sensors, customers will experience simplified installation of the Topcon aftermarket system into Caterpillar’s existing 2D excavator systems, in coordination with Topcon and Caterpillar dealers.

Jamie Williamson, Topcon executive vice president, said, “With increased pressure for productivity and accuracy, and the industry’s need for skilled operators, the solution is timely. The customer will have the benefit of Topcon 3D Excavator System and Caterpillar Assist features working together. Once the user is acquainted with the combined system, it will be easy to be a more productive operator.”

The Topcon system is designed to provide real-time, dynamic, on-screen bucket location and design views, resulting in the operator cutting grade faster and more accurately. The operator can create, cut, and check designs directly from the cab. Together with Caterpillar boom and bucket automation, operators can deliver quality work all day long with less fatigue.

Josh Allan, Construction Business Manager for Aptella, Topcon’s Australian distributor, said the enhanced compatibility will be popular in the local market. “We have integrated Topcon machine control to hundreds of Caterpillar machines over the years, including the new Next Gen models,” he said.

“Customers have always loved how seamless the integration is on their machine, with the ability to use the CAT joystick with their Topcon system for example,” he added. “This added compatibility to get the full benefits of the Topcon solution and the Cat Assist features will mean even more productivity and an enhanced experience for operators.”

Information on the compatible make and models for installation is available through Aptella or Caterpillar dealers. To learn more about Topcon machine solutions visit or call 1300 867 266.


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