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Topcon’s new rugged FC-6000 survey tablet now available from Aptella


New model builds on the popular Topcon FC-5000 rugged field tablet, offering faster processing and enhanced functionality.

Topcon Positioning Group has released its latest survey tablet that powers all Topcon GNSS, optical instruments and MAGNET software simultaneously. The Topcon FC-6000 is an evolution of the FC-5000 tablet, popular with surveyors, engineers and others working in the construction industry for its durability, ease of use and powerful functionality.

“The FC-5000 was the first tablet that truly blended the power of a desktop computer with an exceptionally field-hardy design that doesn’t miss a beat in bright sunlight, rain or dusty, windy weather,” said Cameron Waters, Geospatial Business Manager at Aptella.

“This latest model brings even greater processing power and functionality, offering surveyors and other geospatial professionals unrivalled performance for all field applications,” he added.

The Topcon FC-6000 has a large 7-inch display and the highest environmental rating available, with the latest Intel Quad-Core Pentium processor, plus front and rear cameras.

With standard 4G SIM, internal GPS and an optional external keyboard for those that prefer them over a touchscreen, Topcon’s FC-6000 is a full-featured system. “If you’re relying on a tablet for most of your working day, it’s important that it performs well and feels good,” Mr Waters said.

“This new Topcon field controller does exactly that – our customers have raved about the 5000 model and this one trumps it. Couple it with MAGNET Field, office and Enterprise software and I believe we have the most compelling workflow solution on the market,” he added.

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