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Construction Set Out technology: Ideal for plumbers


Get to know construction set out

Using string lines to mark out a job site has long been the only method for tradespeople everywhere. Despite the construction industry’s dependence on them, string lines are far from the perfect system. A measurement error while using string lines can mean wasted time and money re-doing the job. Aptella can provide a long-term solution to this problem.

If you’re working on a job site withthree stories or more or if you’ve got a permanent crane on site, construction set out is the better solution for you. Construction site technology completely replaces string lines and is millimetre accurate, meaning that you can avoid having to deal with the consequences of measurement errors. Construction set out works by digitally calculating the dimensions of a job site, which can be input by any trained subcontractor.

Using the Topcon LN-150

As many as 90% of Australian building sites still use string lines to mark out site measurements. But this isn’t the only way to get a site measured and set:. Aptella can supply the Topcon LN-150 a top-performing construction total station to plumbers across Australia:. The LN-150 is a construction set out tool that takes the reference points of a site and does the calculations for you in an instant.

Reference points can be punched into the LN-150’s digital tablet, which essentially converts a building plan into usable real-life measurements. This removes the need for surveyors to carry out the task of setting out sites using string lines. Instead, contractors can quickly input their own site points using the LN-150’s efficient system. Once the measurements have been calculated, you can start your build straight away with no fear of incorrect measurements or set out.

The purchase of an LN-150 system from Aptella comes with both field training and a field manual for training purposes. These training resources will equip the operator with a substantial understanding of the system and will greatly improve job-site efficiency. Director of Kraftur, Adrian, says of the system, “In the words of our people using this technology, with the training they have received, the LN-150 represents one of the best improvements they’ve seen in their working lives.

Placing the ability to set out site points in the hands of tradies is a massive workflow improvement, especially given the shortage of surveyors. Australia is currently short of around 1,500 surveyors nationally, which is why securing surveying services can be extremely difficult. This is felt even more with highly time-sensitive jobs where a surveyor’s services are required before any other work can begin. Enabling regular tradies to get the necessary information as soon as they require it will mean a massive step forward for job-site productivity.

Construction site set out technology is set to completely change the industry for the better, and the Topcon LN-150 will be contractors’ number one tool when it comes to a better build.

Accurate measurements for wet areas and more

Skip the guesswork when it comes to penetration holes and wet areas. The LN-150 can accurately map out entire areas, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments as you go, not afterwards. Having the right information going in makes all the difference to a plumber, and the wrong information can lead to frustrating re-work.

Inputting all the site points into the LN-150 will mean you never have to jackhammer a new penetration hole because of incorrect measurements ever again. The benefits of the LN-150 are most obvious in large scale jobs – think industrial kitchens or bathrooms. You will be able to calculate the slope required for drainage in an instant, as opposed to days of waiting for the right information from a surveyor.

60% of job sites already place the liability of setting out onto the sub-contractor. Rather than attempting to chase surveyors to get the job done, the LN-150 will make sure that plumbers can be 100% sure of measurements before beginning any large-scale job.

Throw out your string lines today!

The development of construction set out technology will save contractors time, but also materials. By having access to all necessary calculations and site points at the touch of a button, time-consuming measurement errors will become a thing of the past. Ditch string lines permanently with the Topcon LN-150 from Aptella. Give Aptella a call today to get set up with your own construction set out system and take down your string lines for the last time.

Learn how the LN-150 can help electricians improve efficiency and save money.

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