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Topcon releases new compact, durable pipe laser levels


Topcon pipe laser for saleTP-L6 series now available in red or green beam, with enhanced features including shorter length to accommodate tight pits.

Topcon Positioning Systems has released a new and improved pipe laser range, designed for plumbing, drainage, and utility applications. The TP-L6 pipe laser has a more compact design than earlier models, giving contractors greater flexibility when working in tight pits.

Available in red or green beam and backed by a 5-year warranty, the new model offers enhanced battery performance, working for up to 60 hours off a single charge. Android smartphone users can also control and view grade information using Topcon’s new Laser Manager app. Alternatively, the RC-500 remote control can be used to adjust settings on the laser.

“Topcon pipe laser levels have always set a high standard in the industry and are renowned for their quality, accuracy and durability on the job,” said Joel Seddon, Construction Business Manager for Topcon distributor Aptella.

“These new models offer even greater versatility and ease of use no matter what the project demands, enabling contractors to complete the work with precision and efficiency,” Mr Seddon added.

Topcon was the first to introduce green beam laser levelling technology, offering up to four times the brightness and visibility of traditional red laser beams.

Topcon pipe laser levels are available in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia from Aptella, along with a network of more than 250 hardware and tool suppliers across Australia that support the building trades.

To keep lasers working in optimum condition, repairs, and calibrations are provided via a network of service centres. Topcon trained technicians offer extensive experience and know-how across the laser levelling range.

For more information and to enquire about trade in options, please contact Aptella on 1300 867 266 or click here to contact Aptella via email.

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