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LandTeam unifies its software system with MAGNET Office and Aptella


landteam uing magnet softwareLandTeam, a multi-disciplinary, survey, civil engineering, town planning, project management and water servicing coordination company, was established from the merger of three companies and Greg Goodman, Managing Director of LandTeam found that the merger of three different companies meant there were three different lots of technology.

Specifically, there was a range of five different survey software solutions, including MAGNET Office, being used across the company. Goodman and his team decided to streamline these five survey software solutions into one and MAGNET Office was the one that stood out.

Why did LandTeam choose MAGNET Office?

When Goodman decided to unify the software system, he chose MAGNET Office for a variety of reasons.

“It’s widely used, it’s always progressing, it’s user-friendly and a lot of the young blokes coming out of TAFE get involved with MAGNET Office so they’ve got an instant base to start calculations on rather than learning some other software package,” said Goodman.

“One of the other big moves to Aptella, and thus MAGNET, was the serviceability. We like the back-up, we like the way we can phone up Aptella and get answers, we like the way that if we’ve got to get our equipment serviced then there will be a back-up made available to us and we like the fact that on most of the engineering jobs and construction jobs across NSW it’s Aptella’ GNSS on the machines. It’s the coverage.”

“Plus, it’s value for money. The licensing and maintenance charges make it very functional from a price point of view as well.”

LandTeam team using MAGNET Office

What most impressed Goodman about MAGNET Office was its seamless introduction into the business and its connectivity to the businesses GNSS. Implementing MAGNET Office across the company has allowed for inter-office transfer of survey information and decreased double handling saving time and money.

“We can send an Illawarra or Southern Tablelands survey crew to our Highlands office to assist with local survey work and this interaction now happens seamlessly – we all talk the same Magnet language” said Goodman

“We’ve certainly increased our effectiveness and efficiency in relation to our survey work.”

Currently, LandTeam has Topcon GNSS and MAGNET Office meaning both the equipment and the software are integrated. Goodman’s next step is to upgrade the total stations to Topcon so LandTeam will have a fully integrated solution: GNSS, total stations and office software.

‘It’s handy to have your instrument provider also providing your software. They’re always talking to each other. It becomes a seamless process,” said Goodman.

Implementing MAGNET Office and technology has meant that LandTeam has remained on the cutting edge of technology. This has resulted in LandTeam winning a range of awards including the Sir Thomas Mitchell award at the Excellence in Surveying in New South Wales Excellence in Surveying Function in 2009 for its work for Veolia on the Woodlawn Bioreactor Waste Management Project.

The importance of service and support during purchasing and implementation
One of the big factors in Goodman’s move to Aptella, and thus MAGNET Office, was the serviceability.

“We like the back-up service and the ability to phone and get answers, we like the fact that if need our equipment serviced there will be a back-up machine made available to us and that on most of the engineering jobs and construction jobs across NSW it’s Aptella GNSS on the machines,” said Goodman.

“It’s the coverage.”

About LandTeam

LandTeam is a multi-disciplinary, survey, civil engineering, town planning, project management and water servicing coordination company. LandTeam was formed in November 2008 and was a merger of three companies: Goodman’s, Campbell and Anderson and Kells.

Greg Goodman is the Managing Director of LandTeam and is responsible for the overall management of the organisation, the branches and the integrated management system.

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