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New laser scanners hit Australian shores


We are pleased to announce that we have received two Teledyne Optech Polaris units for demonstration purposes and the first orders of Z+F’s much anticipated 5016 model will begin shipping early 2018!

Teledyne Optech Polaris

With its long-range 1.6 kilometre capacity, high speed and durable housing, the Polaris series of terrestrial 3D laser scanners are ideally suited to external applications including mining, engineering and civil works. Teledyne Optech enjoys a reputation as a worldwide leading in the mass data capture space, producing instruments of exceptional accuracy, reliability and durability in the field. For more information and to book a demonstration with one of our laser scanning experts, call Aptella on 1300 867 266 or click here for your nearest branch.


Z+F’s popular new model offers an even faster scanning solution in a smaller, lighter design. Featuring Z+F’s unique Blue Workflow to enable in-field registration and the ability to edit and check data in real time while scanning, the new 5016 optimises field and office tasks and ensures you capture all the data you need first time. The latest model is so far proving to be extremely popular worldwide, with hundreds of orders received, however Z+F continues to work to its extremely high standards of quality and reliability and the manufacturing team and will therefore not speed up production if there is any risk to product integrity. We are pleased to announce that shipping for these new orders will begin in the New Year so customers will be receiving their units soon!

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