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No laser safety officer? You risk fines up to $30,000


Laser levels are used daily on hundreds of construction sites throughout Australia for applications such as site set-out, earthmoving, concreting, machine control and interior trades. But did you know that without a certified laser safety officer on site, you run the risk of heavy fines?

Australian and New Zealand Standards 60825 and 2397 stipulate that if there is not a certified laser safety officer on site, responsibility falls to the person operating the laser. If you are working as a subcontractor it is therefore essential to check whether there is a laser safety officer on site, as without the correct training you could be held accountable.

The New South Wales Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 also stipulates that those responsible for managing a construction site must ensure workers are sufficiently trained in the safe use of lasers.

Clause 223 “applies to the person with management or control, at a workplace, of laser equipment that may create a risk to health and safety.” This person must ensure that the workers operating the laser equipment are trained in the proper operation of the equipment.” The maximum penalty for failing to do so is $6,000 for an individual and $30,000 for a corporation.

Whether you are managing a site where lasers are in use or operating a laser, it is best practice to ensure you have up to date training and are aware of laser safety requirements.

Aptella Campus holds regular Laser Safety Officer and Laser & Level Operation training courses to ensure you are meeting your safety obligations in the correct use of lasers on construction sites.

Our Laser Safety Officer Course covers all aspects of the safe use of lasers at a site level as described in AS/NZ 60825 and AS2397. After successfully passing an exam at the end of the course, attendees will be certified for safe use and administration of lasers in the construction industry.

The course covers:

  • Laser light fundamentals
  • Potential hazards associated with laser use
  • Laser classifications
  • Responsibilities of the laser safety officer and the operator
  • Laser safety requirements
  • Management of a laser safety plan

If you are a laser operator, our Laser & Level Operation course covers everything you need to know about the safe and efficient use of this technology on site, including basic levelling principles, laser light fundamentals and the application of different laser types.

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