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iVolve Mine4D Go

ivolve fleet management system

FMS without the complexity

Learn more about Mine4D Go – the simple, powerful fleet management option that gives you an easy-to-deploy solution that can be scaled to your site’s needs. With minimal installation, mine-spec hardware and access to the full iControl real-time control centre for managers, Mine4D Go is fleet management, made simple.

  • Flexible pricing model
  • Gain access to all Mine 4D tools with a single device installation
  • Combines the powerful nexis display and antenna

Get critical operational insights - Data that adds value

For simple, powerful fleet management that delivers operational insights without the complexity of a full-scale FMS deployment, Mine4D Go is a robust and scalable option for mine sites.

With access to iControl real-time management software to visualise big picture or detailed views of each machine’s production, Mine4D Go unlocks critical insights into your site’s operations to enable smart decisions and improve results.

Combining simple in-cab operator input and intelligent vehicle location awareness, Mine4D Go calculates complete production cycles for vehicles. Simple to deploy with minimal components, Mine4D Go provides the foundation for an optimised mining operation that can be readily scaled, for fast return-on-investment.

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Simple hardware installation
Powerful production monitoring
Analyse crucial operational data

Mine4D Go

Mine4D Go extracts, records and presents crucial operational data for the effective management of a mining fleet. With the necessary data available to operators and managers, Mine4D Go enables smart decisions that increase safety and productivity at every level.

Manual Production Capabilities

  • Manual load and dump location
  • Manual payload
  • Manual material type
  • Material warnings
  • Dump destination
  • In-cab production statistics
  • Inferred production states

Operator Capabilities

  • Operator login
  • Tracking data to operators
  • Messaging

Time Capabilities

  • Vehicle location
  • Manual SMU hours
  • Speed alerts
  • Activities and delays

Ivolve Fleet Management System

Ivolve Fleet Management System gives mine operations managers a window into site operations to manage the site more effectively.

Simple hardware installation
Powerful production monitoring
Analyse crucial operational data

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