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Senceive FlatMesh

Wireless mesh networked monitoring platform ideal for complex layouts or challenging and difficult to access environments.

  • Ideal for hazardous or hard to reach areas as nodes require little maintenance with up to 15-year battery life
  • Scalable with fast return on investment – Senceive platforms are cost effective and can be scaled to any sized project
  • Configurable and advanced monitoring software for alerts and reporting requirements
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In a FlatMesh™  system the devices ‘talk’ to their neighbours, relaying data in a series of hops to the outside world. This dynamic, non-hierarchical system is extremely robust and can tolerate damage to individual devices without systematic loss of performance. It is suited to dense networks concentrated in relatively small areas. It is particularly appropriate for sites that are difficult to access, with obstructions that would constrain other technologies.

The FlatMesh platform incorporates a significant level of network intelligence, enabling not just a degree of self-configuration and self-healing, but responsiveness to events.

Mesh networking

Senceive’s gateways come in a variety of options to ensure data is readily available even before the install team leaves site. The options vary from USB connection to a laptop or industrial PC, connectivity via a solar powered cellular gateway or to a wide choice of networks where some power is available and connections to other data bases, data loggers or industrial PCs are appropriate. The system is highly intelligent and enables us to interact with nodes and the gateway remotely; via the web it is possible to visualise and manage key elements within the network.

Data is transmitted to our user friendly WebMonitor software or can be sent to customer defined alternative software.

While our proprietary technology is exciting and we are innovating continuously, we only bring the most robust and applicable products and techniques to market.


Wireless Mesh Networking

At a technical level, FlatMesh™  has been tested and proven over a decade of deployments in highly demanding environments, and prior to that, in five years of research at University College London, one of the world’s most respected engineering universities.

The proprietary communications protocol is based on the industry standard IEEE 802.15.4 PHY and MAC layers, operating in the global 2.4GHz ISM band. Deployed as part of an integrated system that can incorporate many sensor types, FlatMesh™ is ideal for complex applications such as construction sites or buildings where obstructions are common and accidental damage to parts of the wireless monitoring system is possible.

Nodes communicate to find the optimal route, transmitting data to the gateway in a series of “hops”. In the event of a sensor node or gateway dropping out for any reason the other nodes will find an alternative route; this provides a significant level of robustness and redundancy. It also enables highly flexible deployment configurations, particularly in comparison to hub and spoke wireless alternatives.

Continuous improvement to sensor interface and wireless algorithms has resulted in ultra-low power consumption and very long battery life, with many sensor nodes capable of lasting up to 15 years while taking precision samples every 30 minutes and relaying messages through the mesh.

Gateways are pre-configured so the system will function as soon as it is installed. Users can choose from connection options including USB or RS232 connection to local equipment, or connectivity via an integrated solar powered cellular gateway. Alternatively, where mains power is available, the FlatMesh system can be connected directly to other databases, data loggers or industrial PCs.

The system is highly intelligent and enables remote users to interact with nodes and the gateway, for example to re-configure the frequency of readings. Data are transmitted to our user friendly WebMonitor software, or can be sent to many widely used third party data viewing platforms.

FlatMesh™ users benefit from many years of technical development and experience gained in a wide range of challenging applications. With tens of thousands of sensors around the world running on FlatMesh™ technology, you can be confident that you are using a reliable system built on quality, precision and durability.


FlatMesh™ System Specifications

Parameter Value
Communication Type Proprietary FlatMesh™ v3 Mesh Networking Protocols IEEE 802.15.4
Frequency Band 2400 – 2485 MHz ISM Band
Maximum Network Size Up to 100 nodes. Wireless cameras can also be incorporated
Range between nodes, node to gateway Up to 300 m

Flatmesh or GeoWAN?


FlatMesh™ GeoWAN™
Third generation intelligent flexible mesh network monitoring platform/architecture Long-range point to point wireless platform, ideal for challenging environments; capable of “seeing through” solid obstructions
Up to 300 m range (gateway to node or node to node), in optimum conditions Up to 15 km range (gateway to node), in optimum conditions and typically 2-4 km in busier urban environments
Battery life of up to 15 years Battery life of up to 15 years
  • Best for dense wireless sensor node deployments
  • Standard reporting rate: 10 minutes
  • Standard reporting rate: 1 hour
  • Number of nodes in network will affect speed of reporting rates
Fully remotely configurable Remotely configurable, but more limited bandwidth available
  • Available with intelligent and triggered sampling rates based on real movement of sensors to minimise human intervention
  • Can function as Intelligent Solution with multiple structural and geotechnical sensor types and integrated 4G cameras
  • No triggered sensing from other nodes in the network
Compatible with full range of geotechnical and structural sensors Compatible with full range of geotechnical and structural sensors
Ideal Applications:

  • Tunnels
  • Rail trackbed
  • Bridges, walls, piles, structures
  • Geotechnical earthworks and soil water content measurement
Ideal Applications:

  • Congested urban environments including busy construction sites
  • Long-range applications with sensors dispersed across wide areas, such as mines and quarries
  • Applications where communication is needed through obstructions such as buildings or the ground such as underground structures
  • Sites where mains power is available


Brochure Flatmesh/GeoWAN Tunnel Monitoring


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2 reviews for Senceive FlatMesh

  1. Filipe Guerreiro

    With the wireless system we were able to quickly install multiple sensors to measure for lateral movements, as well as short and long twist, over 28 metres of rail track. The solution provided live reporting around the clock, as well as access to the data from anywhere with an internet connection, whether working from home or in the office. I think the system has a lot of advantages over traditional monitoring setups because it is more flexible and gives live reporting

  2. Chris Swane

    “The good thing about these systems is that you can set different levels of alerts that perhaps go to different stakeholders. For example, a low-level alert might go to the consultant and the surveyor as a forewarning, but a more critical alert level might go to the client and perhaps the builder on site, so if they hear or see it trigger they know to stop work immediately”

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