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Topcon machine control for Ligchine screeds

Get a smooth, perfect finish with your Ligchine concrete screed by fitting it with Topcon machine control.

Aptella offers both 2D and 3D machine control solutions to suit the screed and application.

  •  Topcon flexibility lets you switch technologies for the best technology fit for the job
  •  Works with all models and sizes of Ligchine screeds for paving and concreting
  •  Compatible with the new Spider Screed models for upper decks and slabs
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Topcon 2D Machine Control for Ligchine Concrete Screeds

Topcon’s P32 paving system utilises sonic tracking and laser technology to get you to grade accurately and efficiently while minimising rework and labour.

Topcon screed control is a versatile solution that can be used on all sizes and makes of concrete screeds.

Ideal option for the new compact Spider Screed models for upper decks and slabs!

Topcon 3D Machine Control for Ligchine Concrete Screeds

  •  Economical entry into 3D paving solutions with proven accuracy and results
  •  Pave anywhere – use LPS for indoor/outdoor use or mmGPS for open sky
  •  Open architecture gets you faster ROI with the ability to switch systems across your fleet
  •  Interchangeable – ultimate flexibility to switch between 2D, 3D LPS or 3D mmGPS

Ligchine International has partnered with Topcon Positioning Systems to offer the revolutionary ‘3D LPS’ system (local positioning system) for Concrete Paving as a ScreedSaver option.

The combination of Ligchine’s boom operated ScreedSaver machines with Topcon’s “LPS system” guarantee you the lowest cost entry point into 3D paving; amazing ease of use; significant labour savings; high volume production; and world class accuracy whether operating indoors or outdoors.

This economical Topcon ‘LPS’ system utilises an automatic tracking Robotic Total Station to register and maintain screed position from a machine mounted prism and sonic tracker. Height adjustments are transmitted to and from the screed at a rate of 20 times per second via radio signal to maintain accurate specifications on the defined jobsite plan.

Since the LPS system does not require a GPS signal, it operates without limitations whether it is indoors, outdoors, or in areas with obstructed GPS satellite reception. The Ligchine/Topcon LPS system is not a proprietary system. The LPS 3D system has been engineered to control Ligchine ScreedSaver machines, but equally important, you can easily move it to your other concrete and/or earth moving equipment to maximise your return on investment.

Already have, or looking to add mmGPS? Easily switch between LPS and mmGPS, or upgrade to mmGPS as each system shares many of the same Topcon hardware and software components resulting in maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness for your business.

Profitability and ROI (Return on Investment) are crucial in the ever-growing, multi-billion dollar industry of concrete overlays and paving. The versatile ScreedSaver machines that place concrete on grade, slope, dual slope and 3D contours will position you to grow your business in affordable steps into a wide variety of profitable opportunities and new markets.


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