EdgeWise Overview Video

This video shows the various features in ClearEdge3D’s popular EdgeWise software. The 6 minute video looks at the pipe, structure, duct, ground, and architectural as well as the EdgeWise 5.0’s intelligent export to Revit, PDMS, Plant3D, PCF, AutoCAD and more.

As Built BIM and Urban Renewal Case Studies in Mixed Use Redevelopment 7 22 15, 1 02 PM

As-Built BIM has become an essential tool in modern urban development as cities seek to maintain historic building facades and footprints. However, documenting the existing geometry of the walls, windows, MEP systems and other critical elements of a redevelopment project presents a set of unique challenges and competing interests. This insightful session will highlight two recent mixed-used redevelopment projects, in in Los Angeles and Puerto Rico that utilized the latest hardware and software technologies to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. These case studies, one a defunct corporate headquarters and the other a decades-old parking garage, will show you practical tips and workflow tools that you can implement on your very next as-built BIM project. Specifically you will learn: 1.

New Automated Structure Technology in EdgeWise

In this demonstration, we’ll take a look at the new features in EdgeWise that extract properly specified steel and concrete. The technology compares a pattern against the point cloud at regular intervals. EdgeWise is actually fitting it to the point cloud so you can see if the job is done well.

Big BIM: Managing Very Large As Built BIM Projects

Large BIM projects create a whole new set of challenges for AEC firms. From more complex field collection to managing massive data sets, Big BIM can stretch and stress even the most well-managed project team. The sheer scale of Big BIM means that any problems, if not corrected early, can compound and place the entire project at risk. No doubt Big BIM provides big opportunities – but perhaps even bigger risk. This webinar will focus on the unique challenges of very large as-built BIM projects (multi-structure over a large area), highlighting two experienced AEC firms and how they plan and execute massive as-built BIMs. These never-before seen case studies will show you: • They key differences between project

Dot Product to EdgeWise to Revit: A Revolutionary New Workflow

Hand-held scanners are rapidly gaining popularity for reality-capture, and indeed offer substantial advantages over terrestrial scanners. But what happens when you combine a robust hand-held like the Dot Product DPI-7 with the automated modeling technology and Revit integration of EdgeWise? A substantially faster and much less expensive workflow, of course! But how much faster? How much more efficient is this workflow? Find out on this practical, real-world webinar! For the first time ever, Workflow 4.0 will showcase a revolutionary new workflow that combines the easy collection of the Dot Product hand-held scanner with the automated modeling power of EdgeWise. We’ll highlight a recent project that used only a hand-held in the field and EdgeWise in the back office

EdgeWise Ground Surfacing

Learn how EdgeWise software makes quick work of transforming ground surface scan data into a 3D model.