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Custom-developed Athletics software


Aptella has developed a custom-designed Athletics software package for fast, accurate measurements during athletics competitions.

The Athletics software can be installed on any Topcon total station to provide step-by-step guides for measuring popular sports including discus, javelin, shotput and long jump.

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John McFadden has volunteered with NSW Little Athletics for 13 years. For the past 3-4 years he has hired a Topcon total station complete with Athletics software for the regional Little Athletics carnivals and says it has proved to be a more convenient, accurate and user-friendly option than previous methods.

Prior to renting the Topcon system, Mr McFadden explained that the division would either record measurements by hand or borrow a system from NSW Little Athletics.

“Taking measurements with a tape measure is all well and good at a local, junior level, but you need something more accurate when it starts getting to regional and state carnivals,” he said. “In the past we’ve borrowed a system from NSW Little Athletics but the equipment is often not quite up to spec as like most technology, it works best when it is used and serviced regularly.

“Hiring the solution complete with the software has been a great option for us,” he said. “As we only require the technology from time to time, it is better to hire than to buy because there is no ongoing maintenance or updates required and we know that the system will be charged up, calibrated and ready to use when we need it.”

The step-by-step prompts with Aptella’ Athletics software make it easy for any user to get accurate measurements, Mr McFadden said. “We’ve used other systems without any athletics-specific software and you do need to know what you’re doing to be able to record accurately,” he said.

“With Athletics loaded onto the EDM, you simply establish a datum point at the start and end of each session and you can ask any parent to help as the software simply guides the user through the steps required.”

Mr McFadden said it is a misnomer that the technology is difficult to use and would recommend the Topcon and Athletics software solution to other Little Athletics and Athletics volunteers. “We’ve found hiring from Aptella to be a great solution and they have always helped if we have run into technical problems, whether due to mechanical failure or human error.”

For more information about hiring a Topcon total station with Athletics software, contact Aptella on 1300 867 266.

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