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ClearEdge3D Rithm

Floor Flatness & Levelness (FF/FL) QA Software, Directly Integrated with Autodesk® Navisworks®

Rithm for Navisworks allows you to perform Floor Flatness and Levelness (FF/FL) analysis directly from scan data loaded into Autodesk Navisworks, on wet or dry concrete in near real-time.

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Rithm Floor flatness and levelness quality assurance software integrated with Autodesk® Navisworks®

Reduce costs while improving the quality and accuracy of your projects with this integrated solution. You can perform floor flatness and levelness (FF/FL) analysis directly from scan data loaded into Autodesk Navisworks, on wet or dry concrete finishes in near real time. This software provides data about flooring deviations with heat maps, contours and monitoring points. Export this data back to your coordination model in Navisworks and share it with your team.


  • Analyze flooring deviations from Autodesk Navisworks
  • Obtain ASTM E1155-compliant reports in minutes
  • Reduce rework costs by analyzing wet concrete while it can still be adjusted
  • Easily visualize flooring deviation with heat maps, contours and monitoring points
  • Check beam camber and monitor changes after concrete has been poured
  • Ensure that ramp slopes comply with ADA guidelines

An enhanced workflow for your FF/FL needs

Improve QA workflows and reduce floor profiling costs by performing FF/FL analysis in-house in near real time. Topcon and ClearEdge3D offer an optimized end-to-end workflow from hardware and software to deliverables. Quickly and easily create detailed ASTM E1155-compliant FF/FL reports with streamlined floor flatness and levelness analysis. This QA software increases productivity and reduces costs by cutting down on the time spent waiting for scanning analysis.

Analyze Wet or Dry Concrete

Besides allowing you to perform a quick FFL analysis on dry concrete, Rithm’s lightning fast scan-to-finish workflow makes it possible to identify flooring issues while concrete is still workable.
This new approach to FFL analysis on wet concrete gives you a competitive edge—reducing costly and time-consuming rework and allowing you to identify and fix mistakes faster.

Analyze Flooring Deviations from Autodesk® Navisworks®

Rithm’s direct integration with Autodesk® Navisworks® makes performing FFL analysis much easier. No need to spend time learning new, complex software: our Navisworks integration means you can QA your floors with any scan data from Navisworks.

Own your QA workflows

There’s no need to rely on third party contractors to perform FFL analysis anymore. Using 3D laser scanning and Rithm to detect flooring deviations gives you full control of your QA workflows using your own tools and working with your own team. No more scheduling nightmares coordinating site visits, waiting for a consultant to show up, or waiting for a report to be turned around… you’ll ensure deadlines are met and quality work is delivered, which ultimately translates into improved customer satisfaction.

Perform Quick and Reliable QA

Rithm allows you to visualize problem areas with heat and contour maps for fast and reliable QA. You’ll obtain insightful data on the spot, which will help you quickly direct any remediation and keep your projects on schedule. You can easily determine how much concrete needs to be added or removed or just observe floor deviations faster using Rithm’s cut & fill calculations. Contour maps can also be exported into CAD format for downstream design work and enhanced ground topology modeling and analysis.

Obtain ASTM E1155 Reporting in Minutes

With Rithm, you can deliver ASTM E1155 compliant FFL reports within minutes and for less cost while ensuring highly accurate results. Other manual FFL analysis techniques like the Dipstick® require you to wait a day or more to obtain a single FFL report, at a cost of thousands! Rithm offers you a faster and more affordable way to obtain these same reports, which are easily shared with key stakeholders.

Ditch the Dipstick®—Take Rithm for a Test Drive

No other solution delivers all these different results from the same information in minutes.



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